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Sparrow Professionals know that in order to improve patient outcomes and the health of the community, strong relationships and strategic plans are important. Our staff members are nurtured and empowered to accomplish their desired goals. The innovative environment at Sparrow allows team members to feel accomplished and strengthens the community.

structural empowerment

Nurses of the Year 2011

  • Medical Surgical
    Danielle Williams, RN Hospice

  • Homecare
    Trisha Wiseman, RN LTACH

  • Behavioral Health
  • Antonia Cutcher, RN Perioperative Services
  • Kimberly Richardson, BSN, RN Emergency Services
  • Troy Latunski, RN-BC Practices and Affiliates
  • Angela Hufnagel, RN Professional Support
  • Heidi Elliott, RN Women and Children's Services
  • Marcy Kavo, RN Advance Practice

  • Education
  • Penny Stevens, DNP, PA CNP, PPCN, PCNS Management
  • Lori Meaton, BSN, RN Critical Care

  • Stepdown
    Cynthia Harakas, BSN, RN

Professional Engagement

Nursing Bylaws

The Bylaws Committee reviewed proposed changes submitted by the Nursing Coordinating Council. At the Annual State of Nursing, Sparrow Nurses adopted the following changes to their bylaws, which will continue to advance the practice of nursing at Sparrow Hospital:

  • Inclusion of Behavioral Health in the communication algorithm to assist with alignment.
  • Bylaws Committee members to make a two-year commitment to ensure consistency.
  • Development and implementation of a Practice Review Committee to assess, monitor, and evaluate the quality of patient care.

Commitment to Professional Development

Increase in Professional Certifications

Percentage of nurses with professional nursing certification:

  • Direct Care Nurses—20.7 percent
  • Nurse Leaders—50.4 percent

Percentage of nurses with a minimum education in nursing of a BSN:

  • Direct Care Nurses—36.7 percent
  • Nurse Leaders—56.7 percent

Commitment to Community Involvement

The Sparrow Nurse distinguishes themselves through community service. A wide variety of activities in which our community was served included camp nursing, flu vaccine clinics, walk/run events, highway clean up, and more!

Daisy Award Initiative

Courtney Miller / Pediatric ICU
Marcella Williams / 7 south
ShengLin Cherng / 5 West
Natalia Wong / 7 Neumann

MONE Nurse Leader Award

Michelle Wiseman received the MONE Nurse Leader Award for 2011.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Wendy Kushion, MSN, APRN, RN-BC, CDE, who retired in May 2011 from her position as Manager of the Diabetes Center, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Nurses Week tea. She was honored for her 38 years of exemplary service.

2011 Preceptor of the Year

Irma DeGarcia, RN, ONC, from 6 West.

Quality Awards

Most Innovative Practice

Medical Intermediate Care Unit for optimized admission time

Most Improved Practice

ICU, CICU, NICU for decreased utilization of restraints