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Sparrow is transforming health care through its innovative practices, such as Total Joint Camp. Total Joint Camp is a personalized concept that allows Patients who have had total knee and hip replacements to take a more active role in the recovery process. It provides Patients with their own expert clinical team who work together before surgery, during a hospital stay, and on follow-up care. Each achievement during the recovery process is celebrated. It's like having your own expert clinical team of personal assistants. Sparrow is the area's only Total Joint Replacement Program accredited by The Joint Commission.

Charles Dillay, Joint Camp

Like many Caregivers at Sparrow, Charles Dillay's philosophy of caring is simple: "It's all about the Patient."

Dillay, M.S., PA-C, is a Physician Assistant on the 6th floor Orthopedics Unit and is used to meeting frustrated Patients who are in intense pain in their hips or knees.

"I love orthopedics, I love making people feel better physically," he says.

Total Joint Camp has enhanced his work by providing a framework for care. He calls it "a progression of thought and planning and order."

"It's a better organizational approach to care," he says.

Total Joint Camp involves great teamwork by a multi-disciplinary group of Sparrow caregivers. Patients notice the results, Dillay says.

"They see things happen right away."