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Honors, including the Press Ganey Top Improver Award, are one indication of Sparrow Ionia Hospital's resurgence. So is the investment in new technology, such as a state-of-the-art CT Scanner, ultrasound and digital mammography equipment. The 25-bed critical access, acute care hospital reflects Sparrow's commitment to delivering the highest quality health care as close to home as possible. Our mission remains firmly focused on improving the health of the people in all of Mid- Michigan.

Bill Roeser, Sparrow Ionia Hospital

Bill Roeser can feel the change since Ionia Hospital became part of the Sparrow family in 2006. Caregivers show more pride about where they work and are excited to talk about Sparrow Ionia around town.

"We've worked hard to change the culture, to get everybody on board with the Sparrow Way and to ensure that the patient always comes first," says Roeser, President and CEO of Sparrow Ionia.

Sparrow's name and excellent reputation have been integral to the improving fortunes of Sparrow Ionia, Roeser says, as has its commitment to updating the hospital's medical technology. You can feel the optimism about the hospital's future throughout the Ionia community, he says.

"Everybody comments on how marvelous the change is. People say, 'Everyone acts like they're really happy to be here.'"