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Sparrow's affiliates provide care across a continuum of services, ranging from Sparrow Medical Group to Sparrow Community Care (which includes home care, hospice and Sparrow Medical Supply), as well as Sparrow Specialty Hospital. Each of these and other Sparrow affiliated services perform a vital role and, as part of the Sparrow family, can assure Patients that they are backed by the most trusted name in healthcare in the region. Sparrow continues to explore new affiliations to enhance Patient care, most recently evidenced by a nonexclusive affiliation agreement with Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital in Charlotte. The agreement has led to development of joint operational, clinical and program services.

Larry Leatherwood and Kira Carter-Robertson, Sparrow Specialty Hospital

Larry Leatherwood remembers when the Sparrow Specialty Hospital was simply a concept—one that was "very challenging but provided a great opportunity." Now, Leatherwood looks with pride on his role as a founding board member and former board chairman of the only long-term acute care facility in the Lansing area.

Sparrow Specialty began in 2004 on Sparrow's St. Lawrence campus as a new type of hospital, specifically created to offer care for medically complex and critically ill Patients requiring a longer hospitalization, of 25 days or more.

Leatherwood calls it "one of the world's best-kept secrets" and a valuable resource for the community.

"We are all about quality and high patient satisfaction and that at its essence is really the Sparrow Way," says Kira Carter-Robertson, President and CEO of Sparrow Specialty Hospital.

Integral to Sparrow Specialty's success are the relationships Caregivers build with their Patients. It's not unusual for Caregivers to come in during a day off on the weekend to cut a Patient's hair or help them with a makeover, part of the radical loving care they provide.

"We really make it individual to fit the needs of the Patient," Carter- Robertson says.