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The Sparrow Way is about delivering care that is centered on the Patient and follows best practices demonstrated by research and practices at the top medical centers in the world. It is aimed at allowing Sparrow to achieve benchmark-level outcomes on a consistent and sustainable basis. The Sparrow Way emphasizes care that is evidence- based, meaning it is derived from the best available medical knowledge. The goal is to give Sparrow Caregivers the tools they need to easily and consistently deliver the best care to every Patient, every time.

Michael Clark, M.D., The Sparrow Way

What does the Sparrow Way mean to Patients and their families?

"The leadership of Sparrow Hospital is trying to see into the future as to how we can improve how we practice and deliver medicine in the mid-Michigan area," says Michael Clark, M.D., former Sparrow Chief of Medical Staff and longtime Emergency Department physician.

Dr. Clark has been integral in the Sparrow Way Steering Committee, traveling across the country to study the practices of top health systems. There's a common thread, he says.

"We found that in this day and age the people who do it best—the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic—have agreed based on best practices what is right for their Patients. Quality outcomes and Patient safety are improved based on best practices."