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Real Peace of Mind

Life-changing care is available right here in mid-Michigan through Sparrow's membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

"It gave me real peace of mind."
Pat Brogan, Sparrow Patient

Mayo Clinic Care Network collaboration
Sparrow is Michigan's first member in the prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network. This collaboration is helping Sparrow Physicians provide some of the most advanced care in the nation, right here in mid-Michigan.

Our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network allows Sparrow Physicians access to Mayo's best practices and expertise, as well as added resources for Caregivers and an online health library for the community.

Sparrow Physicians can access Mayo Clinic resources along with expertise from Sparrow specialists when they want additional input regarding a Patient's care.

About James Herman, M.D.
James Herman, M.D., says he gets his greatest satisfaction when former Patients at the Sparrow Cancer Center — which he helped establish — express their thanks.

"I was once sitting at a hockey game with my sons and a young girl, 22, screamed at me, 'Dr. Herman, look at me. I'm fine. I'm going to graduate.'"

Dr. Herman says Sparrow's collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Care Network allows him to be an even stronger Patient advocate. "What Sparrow and the Mayo membership helps me do is really confirm for the Patient they're getting state-of-the-art treatment close to home."

That's what happened in the case of Pat Brogan of East Lansing. When her Sparrow Physicians, including Dr. Herman, discovered a tumor pressing against her spinal cord, they decided to consult with the experts at Mayo Clinic. "It gave me real peace of mind," Brogan said. "And I didn't have to leave home or my family to receive this care."