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Teamwork Helping to Improve Care

The teamwork approach to delivering urgent and primary care services is helping Sparrow to grow and expand throughout the community while providing efficient, safe, and timely care.

"Everyone has a role and you need to work together" Patricia Crowe, M.D.

About Sparrow's new ambulatory clinics
The health care industry is undergoing great change and Sparrow is transforming care by providing improved access and bringing quality, compassionate care close to home.

Sparrow Medical Group practices and urgent cares provide comforting and open facilities that offer healthy environments to encourage healing and preventative health.

These new, modern facilities are the first in a long-term plan for Sparrow to bring health care to the community. All new Sparrow buildings reflect design elements from the Sparrow Tower on the main campus in Lansing and extend Sparrow's brand into the region.

About Patricia Crowe, M.D.
Patricia Crowe, M.D., is no stranger to teamwork. Dr. Crowe was a three-sport athlete in high school. She was drawn to urgent care medicine because of the team environment that helps to deliver quality care at Sparrow.

"Working in a medical environment is just like being a part of a sports team," Dr. Crowe said. "Everyone has a role and you need to work together to ensure a positive outcome."

Dr. Crowe is Sparrow's Urgent Care Medical Director and brings that experience to the East Lansing and Mason facilities to help treat Patients effectively, efficiently, and compassionately.

"Many of our Patients are families with small children who may be scared of treatment," she said. "With our attentive care, shorter wait times, and compassionate Caregivers, we're able to relieve those fears and ensure our Patients get on the road to recovery."