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Nurse Magnet Means More Great Nurses

The care and dedication provided by our Caregivers to our Patients is exemplified in our Nurse Magnet designation.

"[He] turned a really horrible experience into a great one."
Brandi Skinner, Mom to Sparrow Patient

About Nurse Magnet recognition
Sparrow is among only about 6 percent of hospitals nationwide to achieve Nurse Magnet recognition, the most prestigious honor for nursing achievement and excellence.

What does that mean for Patients? Research indicates that Magnet hospitals produce better outcomes for Patients than other hospitals and consistently outperform their peers in recruiting and retaining nurses. That means increased stability in Patient care.

Magnet status is considered the "gold standard" for nursing care in hospitals and is in line with Sparrow's vision to be a national leader in quality and Patient experience.

About Jonathon Underhill
He's liable to make balloon animals or break out in a song. That's why the young Patients in Sparrow's Granger Pediatric Emergency Department love nurse Jonathon Underhill.

Underhill exemplifies the compassion and radical loving care that helped Sparrow Nurses achieve Magnet status.

Kids, he says, "are honest, brutally, painfully honest. You never have to guess where they're coming from — if they hurt, they say it. It would be nice sometimes if the whole world was like that."

Brandi Skinner of Dimondale has seen Underhill's impact first-hand. Brandi's 11-month-old son, Max, was taken to the Granger Pediatric Emergency Department after being in a car accident.

Underhill played with Max and comforted his shaken parents.

"It turned a really horrible experience into a great one," Brandi Skinner said. "He was just so welcoming."