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Improving Service for Patients

Our dedicated and compassionate emergency Caregivers are streamlining service and working efficiently to improve the Patient experience.

"I wanted to effect the care of critically injured and ill Patients." Timothy Hodge, D.O.

Patient care at Sparrow Emergency Department
Some 70 percent of Sparrow Patients flow through the Emergency Department, one reason Sparrow has undertaken numerous measures to improve what's often a difficult experience. The new Clinical Decision Unit allows Patients to be kept under short-term observation while reducing a long wait in the Emergency Department. There have been improvements in communicating with other medical facilities. And a team of Caregivers from throughout Sparrow have come together to examine improved Patient flow and ways to reduce repetitious paperwork and procedures. The end result is decreased length of stays for Patients and more time for the important things in life.

About Timothy Hodge, D.O.
Timothy Hodge, D.O., Medical Director of Sparrow Emergency Services, knows a satisfied Patient is more likely to follow doctor's orders. And Patients who wait too long for care don/t often leave satisfied, he says.

That's why Dr. Hodge puts such a premium on Patient's time and why he's spearheading changes in the Sparrow Emergency Department.

Dr. Hodge, a former Medical Officer in the U.S. Navy, says Physicians who thrive on emergency medicine are "people who feel very comfortable without having all the pieces put together".

"I went into emergency medicine because I wanted to effect the care of critically injured and ill Patients."