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Welcome to our Annual Report highlighting key achievements by our team of Physicians, Nurses, Staff, Volunteers and Board members throughout 2012. The year was filled with growth, change and thousands of opportunities to deliver superb care to each Patient.

We are the leader in mid-Michigan in changing healthcare for the better and we do so by focusing on one person at a time. Our "radical loving care" principles guide us in ensuring the people of mid-Michigan have safe, quality and compassionate care as close to home as possible and that every person is treated with dignity, courtesy, kindness and respect.

"We seek to be a leader in transforming healthcare..."

One of the ways we are changing healthcare is to be Michigan's first member of the prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network. Our relationship with Mayo is based upon shared values and our commitment to the promise that the needs of each Patient are to always come first. This collaboration is helping Sparrow Physicians provide some of the most advanced care in the nation, right here in mid-Michigan.

In 2012, the Michigan Quality Council (MQC) awarded Sparrow Hospital the Quality Leadership Award. This recognition is the highest honor for organizational performance excellence in our state, and Sparrow is only the eighth hospital in Michigan to ever earn this distinction. The foundational elements for the MQC Leadership Award are the Baldrige National Quality Program criteria. We are now eligible to apply for the prestigious Baldrige Award as a part of our continuous pursuit of organizational excellence.

On December 1, 2012, we successfully implemented the iSparrow Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system throughout Sparrow. Every member of Team Sparrow spent countless hours to be fully prepared and to ensure no negative impact on the Patient experience. Today, over 18,000 Patients have direct access to their electronic medical records because of the new My Sparrow chart system.

Every member of the Sparrow Family deserves credit for the impressive progress made in 2012 and for remaining relentlessly dedicated to safety, quality, satisfaction and value. It's all part of the Sparrow Way to continue to adhere to Patient-centered, evidence-based best practices, helping us change healthcare for the better.

We look forward to continuing to serve our mid-Michigan region and to be here whenever the needs arise, 24/7/365.

Dennis A. Swan
President and CEO