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Awards are given for years of service as a Sparrow Volunteer. They begin at five years and continue every five years thereafter.  Years are cumulative and do not need to be consecutive.  Awards are presented at the annual meeting of the Sparrow Women's Hospital Association held in May.

Volunteers who have been at Sparrow for five and ten years receive pins recognizing their years of service. Volunteers receiving 15-40 year service awards will be given a John Felsing Sparrow print.  The 45 year and above awards are personalized for the awardee. A Volunteer must be in good standing to be eligible to receive a service award.

A Volunteer must have volunteered for at least the number of years stated by the award. A Volunteer must also have achieved the hours required by his/her Group for the number of years awarded.  Each award will be given based on an accumulation of ‘hours and years’.

A Volunteer group/league must require a minimum of 20 hours of service from each Volunteer member each calendar year. A Volunteer group/league may require more than 20 hours of service per Volunteer to assure that its tasks can be accomplished adequately. Each Volunteer group and league will be responsible for determining, maintaining and recording its minimum level of required hours.

Definition of In Good Standing

A Volunteer is considered to be in good standing if the following criteria are met: the Volunteer has active status within his/her group or league; has met all hospital and group requirements which includes serving a minimum of one year, has met the number of required hours and is working within the parameters of the assigned duties; has successfully completed the annual Safety Test; is current in the payment of dues to the Women’s Hospital Association and is current in compliance with the annual TB skin test screening if required by his/her Volunteer position.