Read how Sparrows Nurses inspired in 2014:

Nurse Name Department Why this Nurse is an everday Super Hero Comment from Department
Amy, Steph, Nancy, Jim, Gene, Monica, Jeanne, Kim, Mary ISIC These Nurses are talented and wonderful at what they do! I have learned much from them and enjoy working with them every day! Rachel Cruz ISIC
Peds ICU nursing staff Peds ICU My son was on your unit in July 2012 after having new onset seizures/status epilepticus. Dr. Guertin and the Nurses worked well together and made me feel at ease. Our Nurses were fantastic! Upon transfer to ICU, the team was ready and the Nurse stayed right at my son's bedside the entire night. I was able to nap for a bit (which was encouraged) because I knew he was in good hands! I am eternally grateful for everyone in Peds ICU saving my son! You are all amazing! Rachel Cruz
Clinical Decision Unit Nurses CDU Thank you for creating an amazing unit for our ED Observation Patients! You have developed an efficient and comfortable unit for our Patients who need a little more monitoring or evaluation before discharge. Looking forward to your continued growth and success! Carol Torra ED
Main Campus and STL ED Nurses ED Your commitment to serve in our high-stress departments is admirable! There are new challenges each and every day and you work tirelessly to provide great care to our Patients and their families. Thank you for being passionate and inquisitive about ED Nursing at Sparrow! Carol Torra ED
Niki Hittle ED Thanks for being an awesome teammate! You are always eager to take on the next new thing and you have learned so much in the last 2 years. You complete me! :) Carol Torra ED
TNCC & ENPC Instructors ED Thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to the TNCC & ENPC programs at Sparrow. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and creates a wonderful learning environment for our fellow ED Nurses. You rock! Carol Torra ED
Missy Barkman PHP/ Customer service This Nurse is outstanding! She does a super job at what she does. She makes sure that members are taken care off in professional matter and that all of their questions are answered. She goes far above & beyond her daily duties. She is my Super Hero and super wife. Happy Nurses Week to my beautiful, talented wife. Thomas Barkman
7 South 7 south 7 south is packed full of some of the best Caregivers around. Compassionate, educated, hardworking and team-oriented are only a few words to describe the incredible staff. They are truly a blessing to myself and to many more people! Way to go 7 south!!!
Lisa Briggs Patient Support Services Lisa makes my job easier every day. She is caring and compassionate. In her busy day, she always takes the time to address needs of all of her Patients. Being on 5 West we have Patients who may need nothing from Lisa on their first stay. Lisa still spends time with them and gets them familiar with case management so it helps ease needs and barriers in the future. She is an excellent resource on our unit. You are very much appreciated!!!!! Melinda Platte 5 West
All 5 West Nurses 5 West 5 West has incredible teamwork!! I am honored to be a part of it. We have excellent Nurses and managers! Our staff goes above and beyond Patient care. Each and everyone of you inspires me. Melinda Platte 5 West
Cheryl Lester Sparrow Medical Group DeWitt Cheryl is a kind and compassinate person who goes above and beyond her role as Nurse Manager. She makes the office a great place to work. We would not want to work anywhere else because of her. Staff Sparrow Medical Group DeWitt
Day shift Nurses SSH Thanks for the dedication you show to our Patients, and the consistently great care you give. Cathy Scott Rehab
Lena bair, Julie Pung and Carly Hundt Nursing Education I could not ask to work with a more dedicated team. You each bring your amazing talents to the work we do. I am a better Nurse becasue I work with you. Thank you all Catherine Brennan Nursing Education/Med-Surg
Sparrow Ionia Nurse's Nursing All the Nursing Caregivers at Sparrow Ionia Hospital are a wonderful group to work with. Thank - you for all you do here at Sparrow Ionia Hospital. Could not do it without all of you!!!!! :) Mary Thacker Nursing Administration
Both day shift and night shift Nurses SSH I would like to wish every one of the great Nurses I work with, a Happy Nurses Week and thank them for the compassionate care they give our Patients and their families every single day. They are all Super Heros on my life every day I work with them. Thank you! Victoria Stefanski HUC Sparrow Specialty Hospital
ISIC ISIC A special thank you to the Nurses of the Specialty Infusion Center. For all you do with little recognition. You are truly great to work with and the best at what you do. Russ Schafer ADM ISIC
Jannie Cha SMG-Midwest OB/GYN She is wonderful. She is innovative, energetic, and very Patient-oriented. She has made a great many changes in how we do things. She teaches us new things every day. She is a wonderful asset to our office. Barb and Lora Midwest OB/GYN
Cady 7 South My husband had emergency surgery and had Cady as his night Nurse for the three nights he was in the hospital. Cady is certainly in the right profession! She is very caring and makes you feel like everything is going to be all right. She has a sense of humor and just an overall pleasant personality. I knew my husband was in good hands when she was his Nurse and I never worried for a minute. Thanks Cady, you made a difference in our lives! Denice Stoecker
Jude Shaver SAU Thank you for everything you do daily!! Our Patients thank her on a daily basis for educating them and her kindness that she provides them. I feel blessed to be able to work with her on a daily basis. Carmen SAU
Sparrow Wound Team Wound Team Tracy, Elizabeth, Brittany, and Julie, you are such a great team to be a part of. Thank you for your flexibility, your compassion toward your Patients, your knowledge and expertise. I am very proud to be a part of your team, and am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will continue to bring to our Caregivers and Patients here at Sparrow. Cathy Hilts Sparrow Wound team
6 West Nurses 6 West What a great team of wonderful, truly passionate Caregivers I have the pleasure of working with on 6 West! You all are an inspiration, and I can't tell you enough, how proud and grateful I am to be a part of your team. Thank you for all you do! Cathy Hilts 6 West
Lisa Halligan 6 West Lisa is very positive, motivating, and has a huge heart for not only our 6 West Patients, but also for our Caregivers. She is an outstanding Nurse Manager, and is always there for others. Thank you Lisa for all you do!!! Cathy Hilts 6 West
Carol Rewiako, Mike Severino 6-West Thanks for doing such a great job as our 2014 UBC Co-chairs. Your ideas and support are really refreshing and it is a pleasure to work with you both! Lisa Halligan 6-West
Catherine Brennan, Julie Pung, Lena Bair, Carly Hundt Nursing Education To the best Nurse Educators and Clinical Nurse Specialists in the world: Thank you for all of the hard work you do to help improve our Patient outcomes. We love your support and appreciate all that you do every day! Lisa Halligan 6-West
Amy Brown Nursing Administration What a year! I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments. Thank you for your continued guidance and support. I appreciate you always helping to keep me on track as I find my path in this new role. I will always be grateful for the opportunities you have given me, and will never forget our leadership journey together! Lisa Halligan 6-west
Katie Sefton 5-West Oh Katie, how can I ever forget our three months together! It has been a real pleasure getting to work with you this year and I'm thankful for the continued support we have between our units. I aspire to be as organized and detailed as you are, and certainly learned a lot from you! Thanks Katie! Lisa Halligan 6-West
Lisa Palmer 5-West You always make my day, buddy! Thanks for always being there for me in moments of "crisis"! Lisa Halligan 6-West
Cathy Hilts 6-West Cathy is a great partner to work with on 6-West. I am thankful for her assistance in all matters related to our team. She is one of the most compassionate Nurses I have ever met. Thank you Cathy! Lisa Halligan 6-West
6-West Nurses 6-West Every day, I am inspired and impressed by the exceptional care that you ALL provide. Thank you for your kindness and support as I continue to grow in my own role. I could not have asked to work with a better, more compassionate team. THANK YOU! Lisa Halligan 6-West
Jessica Flanders OB Special Care Jess saved my son’s life. She is the reason he is here today. She just happened to be at the right place and time for him and was able to do lifesaving CPR on the side of the road and revive him. We will forever be thankful to her. She is our angel next door. We love you Jess Michelle Henry Internal Medicine
The Sparrow Nursing Leadership Team All Sparrow facilities The Nursing Leadership Team demonstrates Transformational Leadership every day. They are committed to creating an environment where Nurses can thrive throughout their entire career. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
All Nurses Every unit When I am the SRRT Nurse, I have the opportunity to meet and talk with many Nurses throughout Sparrow. I have found them all super nice and willing and eager to learn when something new arises. I am proud to be working with such a good group of Nurses here at Sparrow. All Nurses should be proud of the work they do. I know I am!!!!!! Michelle Fenn NICU & SRRT member
All Sparrow Nurses All Sparrow facilities The Nurses at Sparrow are amazing. They are truly Patient-centered, committed to quality, safety and professional development. You all make a difference every day!! Thank you!! Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Wendy Wildern & Anna Doutree RNICU These Nurses are the best ADMs you could ask for. They help out staff when needed to take lunches and or just to lend a helping hand. They come in on holidays and make breakfast for the staff to show appreciation. They are always smiling and willing to go the extra mile to make Sparrow and RNICU a better place!!!!! Michelle Fenn NICU
ED Nurses, Surgical Nurses, and 6 West Nurses 6 West Staff, Surgical Services, Emergency I hear every day about the amazing things Sparrow Nurses do. When my father was critically injured last summer in a 14 foot fall at age 77, I feel so blessed that we had the staff on 6 West to care for him, the Surgical staff to piece him back together, and the ED staff who were so caring and reassuring when we were all so frightened. I have no doubt that the reason he is back to his normal routine is because the nursing staff provided such wonderful care every step of the way. My family cannot say thank you enough. Monica Karr Administration
7 Foster Night Nurses 7 Foster The 7 Foster night shift Nurses are amazing. They are always there, willing to help whenever they are needed. A big thanks them for all the help and for everything they have taught me since I started here. You all rock! Kristen Monroe 7 Foster
Donna Stark, RN PHP Medical Resource Management Donna has a unique role as a Nurse but we would be lost without her. She keeps us on track with medical policies and various issues that require evidence-based research. Whenever I have questions about a current policy, code or past practice, Donna has the answer. She is a wealth of information and I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with her. Thank you, Donna! Missy Barkman, RN PHP Customer Service
Mary Anne Sesti, RN PHP Government Programs Mary Anne does so much for so many every day, that it is hard to put just one label on her job. She has to be one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I don't think I have ever heard a harsh word come out of her mouth or seen a frown come across her face. She has such a calming gentle spirit about her and it is a real joy to work with her on various projects. Thank you, Mary Anne! Missy Barkman, RN PHP CS
Cindy Vincent, RN Supervisor PHP Medical Resource Management Cindy is a breath of fresh air. She is always willing to help out in any way she can, even if it's not her specific responsibility. She is always fair, kind, and compassionate. She does whatever she can for our Patients (members) and Caregivers. Thank you, Cindy for being YOU! Missy Barkman, RN PHP Customer Service
Jeni Dankert Risk Jeni's quick grasp of a situation and analytic skills make her a perfect partner in the Risk Department. Jeni gets the job done! Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Amy Sjoberg Risk Amy is thorough and dedicated to objective, evidence-based investigation. When there's a problem to be solved, I love to work with Amy who always gives it her thoughtful best. Smart lady! Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Lea Curtiss Emergency Dept. Lea is consistently present for her Caregivers and the ED Patients. Her calm, confident, professionalism goes far in handling the hectic pace that confronts her every day. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Jeanne Bishop Float Team I can count on Jeanne! She supports her Caregivers; she's informed about brewing issues, she investigates matters thoroughly and without bias, and she's a delightful colleague to work with. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Lisa Palmer 5W - Oncology Lisa's professional maturity is obvious as she's taken on new roles in leadership. She's respected by her caregivers, delightful to work with, and cares deeply for her Patients and their families. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Travis Hoppes Float Team Travis is an ADM with a Can-Do attitude and a smile for everyone. His clinical knowledge, problem-solving mindset and interpersonal skills serve him well, wherever he's assigned. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Donivan Wells Float Team Donivan is an excellent ADM, supporting caregivers and calming tensions for Patients and families. His up-beat attitude and flexibility make him a real asset on the Float Team. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Lisa Wehner, RN Sparrow Medical Group-Okemos Since Lisa has arrived at SMG-Okemos I have seen such a huge growth in the staff's cohesiveness, and helps to build a real team spirit. She makes "Patient first care" a priority and leads by example. Thanks Lisa for all you do for me, the staff, and most of all our Patients. Melissa Mayes, RN Sparrow Medical Group-Okemos
Sandra McDonald, RN Sparrow Medical Group-Mason Sandy has been a true role model for me since I began working at Sparrow in 2011. Her commitment, compassion, and leadership have helped to mold me into a better Nurse myself. Thank you Sandy for all you do for me, the staff, and the Patients. Melissa Mayes, RN Sparrow Medical Group-Mason
Sarah Wolfrom RNICU She has a big heart when it comes to taking care of Sparrow’s very sick babies in the RNICU. I also want to give a hand to all the other Nurses of the unit for all the compassion they have for the little ones and their families. Several years ago my son was an infant in the RNICU and without them, who would be there to love all the little ones when the parent can't be there. Linda LeRoy Sparrow Medical Supply
Sparrow Specialty Nurses Sparrow Specialty Hospital I am so very proud and blessed to work daily with Nurses whom engage in teamwork, demonstrate a commitment to continuous lifelong learning, exhibits flexibility, demonstrates energy and excitement and a passion for quality work! Inspires loyalty through valuing the people/Patients in our organization as the most precious asset! YOU ROCK SSH RNS: Shari, Dani, Andrea, Francine, Amanda, Krissy, Teri, Becky, Aruna, Sandy, Beth, Zac, Holly, Char, Carrie, Paula, Marquita, Ancy, Suzan, Shelley, Lynnislee, Mike, Emeema, Theresa, Lee, Marti, Liz, Kat, Mildred, Bob, Tiffany, Leila, Gayle, Christina, John, James, Terri, Andrea E., Mrie, Christy, Ismaila, Christine, Brandy, Marsh, Debbie, Erin, Stephanie, Amy, Steve, Sue F, Maggie, Ruth, Trisha, Mary, Sue B. Tina Gross, Director SSH
Brooke & Jessica 9-West I was recently a Patient on 9-West. Brooke and Jessica, as well as super Tech Alex, were the three people I saw the most. They were exactly what one would hope to encounter during a hospital stay: smart, caring, professionals who really seemed to understand that doing what they do well really makes a difference to their Patients. Brooke-Thanks again for the PB & graham crackers. Thanks much to all of you. Eric Gaines PHP Sales
Kay Zinc, RN, BSN Outpatient Surgery Works hard in our preop phone room for surgical services along with her active participation as co-chair of Unit Based Council, Magnet Champion, Service Line. She goes above and beyond the daily duties. She is appreciated for her contribution. Micki Doherty Outpatient Surgery
Sheri Platte, RN Outpatient Surgery Sheri goes above and beyond the usual commitments of being a staff Nurse. She balances her full time work with her commitment to her husband and family of five children. She is a Charge Nurse fielding surgery calls and staffing needs. She continually works on the schedule with on-call staffing needs. She is upbeat and friendly to her coworkers. She is helpful and approachable and a great knowledgeable resource person. Very much appreciated in all she does for the team of outpatient surgery. Micki Doherty Outpatient Surgery
Ashley Sweet Nursing Education Ashley's passion for elevating nursing's practice and education for pain assessment and management is inspiring. Her commitment to excellence can be seen as our pain scores have reached the top decile domain. Thank you Ashley for your dedication to Patient satisfaction and embodying the very definition of Sparrow Nursing! Chastity Warren Nursing Education
Nursing Education Department Nursing Education This team is the most passionate and high performing group that I have had the privilege to work with in my career. You are more than my peers, you are my family. Thank you for continually giving 110 percent and getting the job done no matter what obstacles are present. Kathy Schaefer Nursing Education
Staff of ICU and CICU ICU/CICU It is an honor to work with such amazing individuals. I watch as you labor each day to make a difference in the lives of the most critically ill! I have seen you laugh and I have seen you cry as we have been privilege to be with individuals in their most vulnerable times. Every day I am reminded, through your actions, why I became a Nurse! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do that no one sees. I see! Anjillia Johnson ICU/CICU
To Sparrow Nurses and Nursing Leaders Everywhere Thanks for being such awesome and inspiring examples of commitment, compassion, excellence and Patient-centeredness. You are the heart of Sparrow and we Physicians can never thank you enough. Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD Executive
Andrea Roher Sparrow Specialty Hospital Sparrow Nurses aim to provide the best care for their Patients each and every day. I am fortunate enough and blessed to be married to one of them. It is one thing, a great thing, to provide quality and compassionate care at work. It's another thing when that level of care extends to the home and becomes a 24/7 way of life. I've never seen our children feel better because Daddy created an Excel spreadsheet for them, which I still don't understand, but they always feel better when Nurse Mommy drops what she's doing and gives them radical loving care. I appreciate everything you do, Andrea, and I am very proud of you. Thank you for being a great Nurse and thank you for being my wife! Jason Roher Reimbursement
Diane Goddeeris OB Services Diane is the Nurse behind the scenes who is always working to make bedside nursing better. Diane is our informatics RN. She is such a strong support of the bedside Nurse in my unit. I am so thankful for Diane's dedication to making computer charting work for the OB Nurse. It started with OB Trace Vue. Diane took that skeleton program and developed into a super-efficient computer charting system. When Stork came along, Diane has been the voice of the bedside RN, she is always working to make the charting efficient. She knows the work flow and keeps the technical staff aware of what the bedside RN needs to do her job. Diane is my mentor when it comes to computers, work ethic and common sense. She thinks through issues and doesn't quit until she has a workable solution. I admire her dedication to nursing. In a world, where data speaks volumes, Diane's statistics have been instrumental providing the information needed to improve the safety of our Patients. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful RN behind the scenes making sure that my job is the best it can be. Jennifer Lahti OB Services
Linda Erspamer OB Services I have worked with Linda Erspamer for 27 years. She has been my mentor, my role model and my hero. She is a hard worker and has worked very hard with the Epic team to make positive changes in Stork to increase the efficiency of the bedside RN. Linda really cares about our unit. Just today our scrub tech called in ill for the night shift and we didn't have any one to scrub. I called Linda and she agreed to come in at 3 a.m. Linda has been in L&D 37 years. She is known on the unit for her "get it done" attitude. She is an excellent charge Nurse, respected by the entire department. I am so thankful to see Linda's name on the distribution sheet. She does the work of two Nurses. Thank you Linda Erspamer for being the best of the best. Jennifer Lahti OB Services
Chris Jodoin Nursing Administration Chris has been a great mentor to me over the years in my different roles. I truly enjoy working with. She helps us reach those high standards in nursing practice. She helps to bring a sense of direction and oneness to nursing. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Toni Beymer Nursing Administration Working with Toni has been such a delight since she joined the Sparrow Team in Nursing Administration. Her clinical knowledge is such a valuable tool in critical care and stepdown. She has great ideas that I enjoy hearing. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Danielle Rhodes Neuro Stepdown Danielle is a charge Nurse on the Neuro Stepdown Unit. She has a passion for nursing and for the Charge Nurse role. When asked why she likes to be in charge, it is because she wants things done right. In other words, she wants to make sure that the Patients and her colleagues are getting what they need. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Jeanne Bishop Float Team Jeanne is the manager of the float and IV team. She has provided support to these areas as they have grown. They have become a strong team that is sought after for their expertise and knowledge. Jeanne truly loves and cares for each of her caregivers and it shows. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Sue Cook Nursing Supervision Sue is a Nursing Supervisor during after-business hours. She is trusted and respected by her peers, caregivers and others in leadership. Her compassion for others is exemplary. We know that our Patients and caregivers after-hours are in good hands. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Julie Murray Patient Placement Julie is a Super Hero on the night shift. She consistently works collaboratively with the night shift Charge Nurses and is well respected by many. She is an important asset in Patient Placement and ensuring that our Patients receive the best care possible by placing in the most appropriate unit. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Katie Pontifex Float Team Katie's enthusiasm for nursing and working at Sparrow is contagious. She strives to do her best for Patients and her colleagues. She is leader and a positive influence. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
PSS Nurses Patient Support This goes to all of the Nurses that work in Patient Support that assist with discharge planning. You work very hard every day at assisting Patients to make tough decisions. You do this with a smile on your face and with compassion in your heart. The UR Nurses work very diligently with physicians to ensure that Patients are in the right setting at the right time. This assists the other caregivers to provide appropriate care. Thank you all for providing your very best. Kim Ford Patient support
ALL 7 N In honor of Nurses Week, I would like to acknowledge the caring, professional RNs that work on 7N. I would like to personally thank and commend all for providing compassionate care to our post-operative Patients. The feedback we receive from our Patients about the care received while at Sparrow is music to our ears! Thank you so much for your continued dedication and compassion. Holly SMG Bariatric Surgery
All Nurses on Behavioral Health Unit Behavioral Health Unit These Nurses work daily to create a healing environment for those who are hurting mentally and physically. They work as a team to provide safe and expert care for all the Patients that arrive to the Behavioral Health units. Their compassionate care is displayed daily by the interventions provided to their Patients. It is a pleasure to work with all Nurses, Techs, and HUCs. Thank you for your help and knowledge that has enhanced my abilities to work on Behavioral Health. Lori Certo Behavioral Health
Kristina 7 Foster She is always willing to help out with all Patients.
Leslee Chapman Well Baby She's an AMAZING Nurse that cares about all her Patients! She puts her love of nursing into her job and it shows!!! Lindsay Root
Dawn Schramm Wound and Hyperbaric Clinic She leads by example and is a fabulous mentor and teacher. Rebecca Wound and Hyperbaric Clinic
Angela Vining RN Sparrow Home Care Ionia Angie is very caring and willing to take on extra work when she can. She is greatly appreciated by her co-caregivers Tracy RN Home Care
Amy Brown med/surg director Amy Brown, BSN, RN is always there to lift you up or catch you when you stumble! She is the best! Brandy Hilyard 7 south
7 SOUTH TEAM 7 SOUTH Every day the 7 South team comes to work with a smile and the ambition to get whatever it takes done!! Brandy Hilyard 7 South
Mary Whitelock BSN, RN SIH - MED/SURG Wonderful caring and helpful attitude consistently! Mentor, preceptor, always goes the extra mile. Genuine and able to see the big picture. Great team player :) Sheril Billings BSN, RN SIH Nursing Administration
SSH Nursing Caregivers Sparrow Specialty Hospital The Nurses at SSH are an incredible group of professionals. Their dedication and commitment to the excellence in Patient care is inspiring. They work hard to cover for each other if there is a need, they take on extra assignments whether it's on the floor or a special committee. Their compassionate care shown to this unique Patient population is frequently mentioned by the Patients and their family members when I round. Patients will share they often feel like they are taken care of "like family." They come back to visit the Caregivers long after they are discharged. I am proud to manage this great group of professionals! Marti A. Samsel RN BSN Sparrow Specialty Hospital
Home Care Nurses Sparrow Home Care Sparrow has the best Home Care Nurses in this area! These gals travel many miles to see Patients through the ugliest winter weather and in places they may have never been before! They provide wound care, tracheostomy care, tube feeding care, infusion care, ostomy care, foley care and just plan caring and a listening ear to the families of the Patients they are caring for. I am so proud to work with this great team! Salute to you! Amy Parkinson RN BSN MS Director, Sparrow Home Care
Sparrow Ionia Surgery Nurses Sparrow Ionia Surgery This team of Caregivers are extraordinary in the care they provide for their Patients. From the youngest to the oldest, they treat them like they are the most important person there is. I have had parents, family and friends (and myself) in their care and we all agree - they are all Super Heroes! Laurie Community Relations/Marketing
PHP Nurses PHP In honor of Nurses Week, I would like to acknowledge the caring, professional RNs that work at Physicians Health Plan (PHP). I would like to personally thank you and commend you for providing compassionate care and for choosing to make a difference in the lives of our members and caregivers! You are an inspiration! You are all "Super Stars" at PHP and strive for quality evidence-driven nursing care. Thank You, Thank You for Being Super Stars!!! Gina Cleven PHP - Quality, MRM, Medical Directors
Julie Miller Hospice House She keeps the positive energy flowing, no matter what's going on. She lives her life straight-forward and honestly, and does her job in the same way. She's a great Nurse to work with! Angie Hospice House
Catherine Sandin-Lenneman Sparrow Practice Management-Sparrow Medical Group/Lansing Cathie is a wonderful mentor and friend. She has taught me so much about being a caring and compassionate leader. The last 2 years have been a joy to work with her, I am very fortunate to have her in my life. Thank you Cathie for everything that you do each and every day. You are an inspiration! Erin Plunkett Sparrow Medical Group-Lansing
Naomi Stroke/Stroke Step-down My husband can be a very difficult Patient, as he can be very stubborn and doesn't particularly trust medical personnel. Naomi handled him beautifully. She was very firm with him, but also very compassionate. He felt like she really cared about him and his health care and he trusted her. She went out of her way to explain unfamiliar things to both of us and was truly a delight to work with! She exemplified the ICARE values as if they were second nature to her. Throughout a rather difficult hospitalization, we could both count on Naomi and that was extremely helpful. What a great person and a terrific Nurse! Lois Husby CARES-EAP
Linda Stasiuk Nursing Education Linda is tireless in her work on Policy and Procedures this is a huge job which she does in addition to supporting Nursing Education in Pediatrics. Her program organization and management skills are remarkable. Thanks you Linda for all you do!
Liz Goldberg, RN Senior Health Center Liz Goldberg, RN, goes the "extra mile" for the Patient. She is very thorough and she is extremely kind to Patients. Liz is efficient, works well with our team, and brings a sense of humor to the job that helps all of us get through the day. Kris Gaumer DO Senior Health Center
Deb Miller, RN Senior Health Center Deb is very kind and caring. She makes our Patients feel welcomed and appreciated, she knows the important events in their lives, and is a Patient advocate in healthcare issues. She is dedicated to the care of the elderly, going above and beyond the regular demands of the job. She is a strong example of the phrase "the Patient comes first". Kris Gaumer Do Senior Health Center