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Sparrow Sports Medicine Licensed Athletic Trainers (AT) provide a number of services designed to keep high school and local community athletes healthy and performing at their highest ability.

Primary Duties:


  • Observation of athletic activities and correction of hazardous techniques

  • Athlete education (concussions, weight training, kinematics, nutrition, hydration, etc.)

  • Evaluation

  • Appropriate orthopedic testing to evaluate musculoskeletal /trauma injuries to form a clinical impression and treatment of the injury

  • Emergency care in potential life-threatening situations

  • First Responder/First Aid/ CPR/AED/Healthcare Provider Certified

  • Treatment

  • Treat injuries appropriately based upon current Athletic Training and Orthopedic best practice standards based upon a clinical impression

  • Communicate clearly with parents, coaches, and the Athletic Director as needed, the expectations of treatment outcomes of the injury

  • Perform taping/bracing/padding applications as required for injury stabilization/protection if return to play is deemed appropriate, taking necessary precautions to ensure the highest level of safety for the student/athlete

  • Facilitate or discuss referral processes such as Physician follow up or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) activation and student athlete stabilization until EMS arrives

  • Rehabilitation

  • Short Term rehabilitation programs are conducted according to current orthopedic and Athletic Training industry standards in house under direct supervision with functional progression until return to full activity

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