Name:John Hayes
Trainer:Beth Homan

I was looking to become stronger and to complement my running. Beth Homan updated my weightlifting knowledge but also stressed the importance of core workouts for runners. Beth ... is not shy in telling me to exert a little more effort or to advise me that part of my proposed race schedule is too aggressive. The ability to ask Beth questions specific to my current running race, injury, etc. has helped me very much.

My MAC membership has been an enjoyable experience and a great investment in my better health. Personal trainer Beth Homan is largely responsible for what health benefits my experience at the Michigan Athletic Club has produced. I highly recommend her.


Name:Brian D. Schroeder, M.D., MBA, FACP
Trainer:Russ Zalkin

I used to think that working with a personal trainer was an exercise in vanity. I also thought that it was totally unnecessary. “I’m a smart guy! I should be able to do this on my own!” But then again, I don’t replace my own brakes or do my own taxes—there are experts out there who know how to do it better and faster than I can. I decided to give it a try.

I’ve been working with Russ Zalkin for several months now and I’m very pleased with the results. Not only am I losing weight, but I’m seeing improvements in my muscular strength and definition. I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in more than 20 years. And while Russ hasn’t figured out how to turn back the calendar, it’s probably the next best thing.


Name:Margie Simon
Trainer:Deb Popp

I am a 91-year-old woman who is still trying to keep all the wheels working. Since I moved here in 1992, I have made the MAC part of my life. While I can’t do many of the things I used to be able to do, it still is an important part of my weekly routine. 

In the last few years I have begun to work with Deb Popp three times a week. I attend her stretch class and also work with Deb on an individual basis doing personal training. Deb has been able to devise a program which is specific to me. I feel fortunate that I have been able to work with her because she has a great understanding of what my personal needs are. Deb takes a personal interest in my wellbeing. While some days are better than others for me, Deb’s positive and enthusiastic personality is always evident; she really keeps me going. And at my “young” age, that is a plus!


Name:Jack Schwille
Trainer:Tom Hilker

Having trained with Tom Hilker regularly for the last five years, I can’t imagine having a better trainer. Tom is always in good humor without being phony about it. He’s at home with all kinds of people, young or old, male or female, great athletes, even old klutzes like me. He has the ability to remember whatever people tell him about themselves and take it all into account. He also has a sixth sense for sizing up the body, figuring out what is going wrong and how to fix it. 

With a brain that never stops, he’s lots of fun to talk to. That’s because he’s interested in and pretty knowledgeable about virtually everything. Since there is never a dull moment working with Tom, you get a better attitude. Not that he makes it easy. He doesn’t let clients get in any ruts. With Tom pushing me on strength, balance, agility and flexibility, I have seen a lot of improvement. What makes Tom a great trainer? Tom says that some people become trainers just because they like to work out, but, according to Tom, it’s not about that. You have to really want to help people. Tom clearly does



Name:Suzanne K. Clark
Trainer:Keri Morrison

While learning to play tennis, I partially tore the supraspinatus muscle in my left shoulder. Besides being very painful, the injury greatly decreased my range of motion. My doctor sent me to physical therapy. I worked hard in therapy 2-3 times per week for about three months, and, although the pain was better, I did not regain my full range of motion.

After continuing to play tennis for a few months and being daunted by increasing pain and the lack of functionality of my shoulder, my tennis pro referred me to personal trainer Keri Morrison.

After a few weeks of working with Keri, I could already see improvement in my range of motion, posture, and pain level. We would work on one motion until we could improve it; then Keri would focus on another motion. After eight months of working with Keri, I can now raise my arm above my shoulder, reach my arm behind my back and unhook my bra, and get dressed without having to slip clothes on with my injured shoulder first. In addition, I can now hug with both arms! Most importantly, I can now hit overhead tennis shots!

Keri’s guidance has given me my arm and shoulder back. I left physical therapy thinking I would have to live with pain and baby my left shoulder for the rest of my life. Thanks to Keri and her persistence, I have full range of motion in my shoulder, no pain, and I walk a lot taller. I highly recommend Keri as a personal trainer. It was really not that difficult to get my range of motion back. It just takes a skilled trainer like Keri, a willingness to do the stretches/exercises, and patience.