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Sparrow Hospital - We have new opportunities that develop all the time. Here's a quick list of what is available and when you attend an interview, be sure to ask what is new.

Work with patients:

  • Emergency Department Customer Service Volunteer - The Emergency Department Customer Service Volunteer will support patients and family members in the waiting room to ensure their comfort and minimize the impact of wait times.
  • Escorts: Provide a wheelchair ride for patients to their transportation when they are discharged.
  • Gift Shop Cart: Visit patient rooms to sell merchandise. This is part of being a Gift Shop volunteer.
  • Helping Hands: Helping Hands volunteers serve in several areas to provide support to nursing, patients, and infants.
  • Infant Massage: Infant Massage volunteers provide gentle massage therapy to infants in the RNICU.
  • Mary Free Bed – Therapy: Our Mary Free Bed Rehab Unit is a licensed 40 bed unit that provides intensive rehab services to individuals who are being functionally challenged by injury or disease process. Our medical guests receive 3 hours of therapy 5 of 7 days a week. Volunteers assist patients and families with comfort measures and provide assistance with therapy.
  • Pet Therapy: General Purpose:  Sparrow offers visits with certified therapy dogs for patients, Caregivers and guests.  Our pet therapy dogs are accompanied by their owner and both the dog and owner/handler must be approved by Volunteer Services.  We consider therapy dogs for our program who are registered through Therapy Dogs International (TDI) and Sparrow conducts additional assessments to ensure the dog and handler are a good fit for a healthcare setting.  Our placements with patients include Hospice, Pediatrics, Trauma Services and general patient care areas where a pet therapy visit has been requested.  We also have areas that our Pet Therapy dogs visit such as family lounges, offices and other areas as requested.  
  • Oncology: Provide a welcoming atmosphere in the Regional Cancer Center and escort patients to dressing rooms if needed. Volunteers also assist associates with tasks as requested.
  • Volunteer Patient Concierge: Work directly with a patient and their family to ensure their non-medical needs are met.

Work behind the scenes and provide services to hospital staff:

  • Central scheduling: Make reminder calls to patients.
  • Lab Stocking: The Volunteer will put items away, follow a standard list to fill Phlebotomists' carts, and as needed deliver items to various units.
  • Office Support: Provide clerical help to a number of departments.
  • Patient and Family Advisor: Provide input to Sparrow's policies, procedures and practices.

Work with families, visitors and the public:

  • Escorts: Provide a wheelchair ride for patients to their transportation.
  • Gift Shop: Maintain and operate the gift shop.
  • Heart Center Waiting Room: Assist families in the lounge by providing refreshments, pagers and updates from medical staff.
  • Lobby Greeter: Volunteers serving as a lobby greeter warmly welcomes visitors to the Sparrow campus.
  • Neuro Navigators: Provide directions for visitors and give support and updates to families.
  • Surgical Lounge: Provide support to patients and ensure that families have the chance to meet with medical staff following surgery.
  • TLC Critical Care Lounge: Talk with family members, provide phone messages and serve as a liaison between the family and services offered at Sparrow.

Sparrow St. Lawrence Campus

Work with patients:

  • Escorts: Escort patients and visitors from lobby to departments or service areas. Transport patients to departments for diagnostic tests.
  • Mercy League (Outpatient Surgery): Provide support and assistance to families in the Surgical Lounge waiting for patients who are having surgery.

Work with families, visitors and the public:

  • Escorts: Escort patients and visitors from lobby to departments or service areas. Transport patients to departments for diagnostic tests.
  • Hello Hospital: Provide elementary age school children information about experiences at a hospital and different health care careers.
  • Information Desk: Provide information and directions to visitors. Deliver flowers, gifts and mail to patients.
  • Mary Magdalen League (Gift Shop): Maintain and operate the gift shop for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff.
  • Popcorn: Volunteers make and sell popcorn in the cafeteria.

Work on craft and sewing projects:

  • Angelus League: Make small stuffed toys for pediatric patients.
  • Auxiliary: Cut, baste, hem and fold flannel blankets for the nursery.
  • Division IV: Make patient tray favors, pediatric kits and nasal kits for surgeons.
  • Industrial League: Sew and mend for various departments, patients and community agencies.
  • Sparrows: Make stuffed toys for children in Emergency, EEG, Radiology and Endoscopy.

Volunteer opportunities at other locations

  • Archives Community Volunteer: The Archives volunteers will work to further the Women's Board of Managers’ mission to honor the history of the hospital and its founders by collecting, researching, and preserving historical documents using the most current technological methods. They will assist the Sparrow Marketing Department in obtaining and assisting with oral history interviews, as well as providing support for Sparrow's Heritage Committee and developing exhibits for public display.
  • LifeTime: Volunteers work with the LifeTime staff, supporting a free membership program offered to individuals age 50 and more. There are volunteer opportunities for both the Lansing Mall Pacers Club and the Walkabout Club at the Meridian Mall.