Physician Name Why this physician inspires me Name Department
Muhammad Hamdan, M.D. He is so caring and good with Patients. We are very lucky to have him at Sparrow Ionia Hospital. Mary Thacker Sparrow Ionia Nursing Administration
John Siano, M.D. He always takes time to answer questions or help. Kathy Strieff Float HUC
Steven Martin, M.D. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Martin because he provides calm, compassionate and extremely competent care. He makes decisions based on the evidence and values nursing input. He takes the time to listen to families' needs and answer any and all questions. No matter what is happening in the unit, the day always runs smooth when he is covering! Thank you. Irie Lott PICU
James Olson, M.D. Jim is a gifted leader who values interpersonal relationships and does a great job mentoring and encouraging those he works with. He leads by example and is willing to be transparent with his own opportunities for improvement for the betterment of those around him. He has great vision - both for himself and his work, but also for those he works with to help them define and put into work their ideas and goals. Thanks Jim for your willingness to always go above and beyond! Sparrow Physician
Kristin Bredin, M.D. Dr. Bredin is a one-in-a-million kind of doctor, who treats ALL people with care, dignity and respect - Patients, families and staff! She educates, listens, loves what she does, and it shows! Thank you for all you do! Angie Kitzman, RN Sparrow's Hospice House of Mid-Michigan
Stanley Dudek, M.D. Dr. Dudek is a not only a great docotor but a great person. He is a delight to work with and provides great care for his Patients. Karlis Austrins Emergency
Chad Link, D.O. Dr. Link is a man who gets stuff done. Amanda Greenhoe Sparrow Ionia Cardio
Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D. Dr. Kent is a role model for Patient-centered care and teamwork. She is a great coach to Physicians, nurses and leaders. She is always the calm in the storm. I am so grateful to have her as a colleague. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Brian Schroeder, M.D. Dr. Schroeder is my Physician partner at work. He is Patient-centered in all that he does. He is respectful, funny and very smart. I couldn't ask for a better colleague! Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D. Dr. Kent is committed to ensuring that quality care is provided to our Patients. She listens carefully, coaches expertly and always keeps her committments. Chris Jodoin Nursing Administration
Lynn Toaz, D.O. We are so blessed to have Dr. Toaz at Sparrow Ionia Hospital. She is so caring and helpful to her Patients. She always listens to what you have to say. I am very thankful for Dr. Toaz and Kris her MA! Mary Thacker Sparrow Ionia Nursing Administration
John Gobel, D.O. Dr. Gobel really is a "care" giver. Each one of his Patients feels like they are special and to him they are. He cares about his Patients and staff and he cares about his colleagues. He does random acts of kindness without self-aggrandizing. He's a dedicated and caring Physician. J. Strong SMG LIM
Jeffrey Johnson, M.D. Dr. Johnson inspires me by always putting his Patients first. Times have changed and everyone is in a hurry, but Dr. Johnson has kept his priorities the same - "It's all about the Patient." Joan Dunlap Surgery
Yemi Beyene, M.D. She is what a Physician stands for -  kind,caring, thorough, and knowledgeable. She is understanding and is able to make you feel that you are the most important person while under her care. Her knowledge and words of encouragement during many difficult periods in my life have given me strength. I feel very fortunate to have her caring for my family! Lisa Pease Cancer Center
James Herman, M.D. I have worked with Dr. Herman for over 20 years. In that time he has given freely of his time to give back to the community by participating in many cancer center outreach events. He has an innate abilty to connect with people to put them at ease. This is an important ability for a Physician to have. Dr. Herman has a true passion for cancer care and for providing the very best care to his Patients. He is a leader and a compassionate Caregiver who always strives for excellence. I am proud to be part of the cancer center team and to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable Physican as Dr. Herman. Lastly, his love for the Cancer Center cannot be more apparent than his financial commitment to the new Cancer Center project and having his name in the naming of the new Cancer Center. Theresa Pruder Radiation Oncology
Dana Fletcher, D.O. She inspires me becasue she is patient. She gives explanations when needed and answers Patient questions in a manner that is understandable. Debbie Lopez
John Siano, M.D. Always focused entirely on you, as if he had nothing else to do in the world. Always welcoming, warm and supportive. Excellent diagnostic skills. Uses humor appropriately to put you at ease. My entire family knows we are in good hands. Karen Ridenour Patient Financial Services
Habtamu Handro, M.D. He inspires me because he is a great listener and takes time with his Patients. Most importantly he inspires me because he always has a great attitude! Debbie Lopez
Kosisochi Obinwanne, M.D. Dr. Obinwanne has been such an asset to the SMG Bariatric and General Surgery Department at Sparrow Hospital. He is so kind hearted and passionate about his Patients. The Patients really love his smile and are put to ease when meeting him. Holly Gessler SMG Bariatric Surgery
Mindy Lane, D.O. Dr. Lane is very dedicated and passionate about the health and wellbeing of our bariatric Patients. She really knows how to motivate them to success. Holly Gessler SMG Bariatric Surgery
David Luginbill, D.O. Dr. Luginbill goes the extra step with his brilliance and kindness to help each Patient out. I am going on to my fourth year here in Michigan. Dr. Luginbill has been there for me every step. His compassion and support and keen sense of the big picture is just one of his qualities. I trust that Dr. Luginbill has my best interest at heart. I am not an easy case yet Dr. Luginbill makes me feel safe and aware of my challenges. He is so special. I feel so fortunate he is in my world. His Nurse Lou is also so very kind. He is the best primary doctor in the Lansing area. He listens and even a NYC Woman has found common ground with this awesome doctor. He does not judge me by my looks or our differences. I am so grateful. Randi Kalikow
Donald Porter, M.D.
Dr. Porter is always willing to explain things so you understand them. His compassion and care for his Patients is to be admired. He took exceptional care of my mom through multiple surgeries when she was in her 90s! He always talked to her in terms she could understand and if she was sitting down, he would kneel down and speak to her face-to-face. I will always be so very thankful that he was her surgeon and that he was there for her and for her family when she (and we) most needed that.
Fleur Broughton, M.D.
Although I have only been a patient of Dr. Broughton's for a short time, she always takes her time with me and makes sure that all of my questions are answered before I leave the office. She is very thorough which I appreciate very much.
Dian M.
Shyam Bhupalam, M.D.
Dr. Bhupalam always has a smile on his face and a friendly greeting no matter the circumstances. He prioritizes Patient care appropriately and provides Patient-centered, evidenced-based care to every Patient every time which supports our organizational goals. I feel privileged and honored to work with him.
Ashley Sweet
Nursing Education
Kristin Bredin, D.O. Dr. Bredin provides holistic and compassionate care to Patients who are in need of palliative care and hospice services. She actively collaborates with the Sparrow Pain Resource Nurses and serves as the Physician liason for this work group. She is a Patient and Nurse advocate. It is a pleasure to work with her at Sparrow.
Ashley Sweet Nursing Education
David Castle, D.O.
I was in ER with 103 temp and a cause was not verified. The temp returned the next day as did I to the ER. Dr. Castle happened to see me on his way off shift. He took the time to discuss my care from the day prior and additional tests were performed. While we did not verify a cause, I feel Dr. Castle went above and beyond to try and verify a cause and ease my fears. Even as an RN, having a 103 temp is scary and very out of the ordinary for me. He deserves much praise for his care of the Patients in our ER. THANK YOU DR. CASTLE!
Tracy Hartsuff, RN
Home Care
Shyam Bhupalam, M.D.
Dr. Bhupalam always has something kind to say and a friendly smile on his face.
Sonia Thompson
Kay McLaughlin, D.O.
Dr. McLaughlin is an inspiration to everyone. She is always willing to go the extra mile for a Patient or fellow Caregiver. She works on her own time and never gives up when she is looking for an answer for a Patient. She is dedicated to giving radical loving care to everyone she sees, she is a knowledgable resource and is always willing to help others. She spends time with every Patient and makes sure they are comfortable and all of their questions have been answered. I am grateful that I have been able to work with her and that I have the opportunity to learn from someone so dedicated and loving.
Amy Noonan
SMG St. Johns
Duane Smith, M.D.
Such a nice down to earth doctor. He recently performed a procedure on my young daughter. She was very nervous and he was so sweet and caring to her and did an amazing job. She healed very quickly and we appreciate the excellent care she was given by Dr. Smith. I will recommend him to anyone!
Jody Quinn
Sparrow Home Care
David Luginbill, D.O.
Always in an up mood and can tell he loves what he does.
Kathy Barclay
SMG Midwest OB/GYN
Darin Morse, D.O.
On my second visit, Dr. Morse went above and beyond by attending the Cancer Center multi-disciplinary committee meeting on my behalf and listened to me freak out about my diagnosis during multiple visits. I am sure I bring new challenges to his practice. Everything he does reflects his caring spirit. May life bring you a reflection of the kindness you've shown to others.
Kim Roberts
Privacy Department
Amy Jentz, M.D., and Ronald Hyde, D.O.
These doctors are the best to work for. They are very understanding, compassionate and down to earth doctors. They care about their Patients and co-workers. They are just wonderful individuals. I couldn't ask for better surgeons to work for.
Angela Hopkins
Surgery Ionia
Diana Nordlund, D.O. Dr. Nordlund takes exceptional care of her Patients in a way that does not comprimise her integrity or beliefs. She also treats all staff members with great respect. She might also be one of the smartest women I have ever met.
Jess Emergency Department
Vanessa Harkins, D.O. Dr. Harkins has an incredible bedside manner that should be emulated by other doctors in the health system. From the beginning to the end of the Patient care experience, she makes sure that the Patient feels important and well cared for. Dr. Harkins is also a wonderful teacher, taking time to provide learning opportunities to staff. I appreciate every time I see her on my work schedule!
Jenny Eyre, RN
St. Lawrence Emergency Department
Pinhas Geva, M.D.
He is enjoyable to work with. He makes us laugh all the time. We love to hear about his travel adventures. He is always good for a joke to brighten the day.
Gil and Paula
Steve Martin, M.D.
He is very caring and compassionate with our Patients and families. His rapport and bedside manner are very child friendly. He goes the extra mile to make our families feel comfortable and well taken care of. He is a favorite with families and staff as well. Its always a pleasure to work with him.
Lori and Rachel
John Dery, D.O.
Exceptional ER Physician! Dr. Dery is an excellent and thorough Physician. His assessment skills, both medically and with mental health Patients, is second to none. He is honest and compassionate and is kind and respectful to nurses, techs and other health professionals. I love working with him.
Catherine Kania
Behavioral Health
Edward Sladek, M.D.
Dr. Edward Sladek is always very courteous and helpful on each One Call we contact him about. The Patient's well being always comes first. He is willing to go beyond and look up xrays in the system to evaluate the problem while the Patient is still at another urgent care or emergency department. He then offers advice and a plan for the sending Physician. He treats not only the other doctors with respect, but also the Nurses working at One Call. An example of this that just occurred when Dr. Taylor at Mason Urgent Care called about a Patient with a fractured patella. Dr. Sladek looked at the Patient's xray through the computer, offered advice to Dr. Taylor, said he would see the Patient tomorrow in his office, and then said when he would be able to do surgery. He did not just say send the Patient to ED. He made the situation easy for the Patient. This is is not an exception, this is a norm for Dr. Sladek. He also calls back quickly which is helpful to all those involved in the care of the Patient.
Penny Zerka
One Call/Patient Placement Center
John Putz, M.D.
Dr. Putz is a down to earth doctor that you just like to work with. He is a wonderful doctor.
Angela Hopkins
Surgery Ionia
Adham Alsamsam, M.D.
He is a wonderful doctor to work with. Caring and understanding with his Patients and co-workers. He loves to teach Caregivers.
Angela Hopkins
Surgery Ionia
James Barton, M.D.
Dr. Barton freely shares his wealth of knowledge with Patients and family, taking time to answer questions and put them at ease. He is always courteous to fellow staff. 
Katherine Burkholder
Anmar Razak, M.D.
Dr. Razak is very kind and respectful to Patients and Caregivers. He makes everyone feel part of the team. Dr. Razak's efforts in improving care in the community is an inspiration to me. He donates his time to provide education and support to outlying facilities and the Tri-County Area Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Razak's committment is one of the reasons Sparrow is a Comprehensive Stroke Center.
Marylou Mitchell, RN, MSN
John Dery, D.O.
It is a pleasure as a professional to work with and alongside Dr. Dery. Patients are greeted face-to-face and a plan of care is formulated with teaching provided based on the Patient's level of understanding. Dr. Dery goes the extra mile for people willing to be part of their health care plan. His level of competency in the Emergency Department is exceptional. Myself and fellow Nursing staff respect Dr. Dery's level of ED care, be it a simple sore throat or a Level 1 trauma. I am thankful to be part of Dr. Dery's team each and every day I walk onto the ED floor and having my level of care and knowledge challenged by him. Dr. Dery  helps make better health Caregivers. Thank you John!
Danny Mason St. Lawrence Emergency Department
Dominic Barberio, D.O.
Always willing to help when we need him.
Penny Vance Outpatient Wound and Hyperbaric Clinic
John Baker, M.D.
Dr. Baker is a fantastic Physician. He is great with Patients and Caregivers. Whether they or Patients have questions, he will make time to answer them. His knowledge is endless as well as his energy and positive attitude. We are so blessed to work with him.
Dana Ranieri
Substance Abuse Unit
Andrew Saxe, M.D.
Always puts his Patients first.
Penny Vance Outpatient Wound and Hyperbaric Clinic
Guatam Sachdeva, M.D.
Dr. Sachdeva is committed to best practice in Patient care. He provides bedside teaching daily using "teach back" method during rounds. Dr. Sachdeva is always available to educate Caregivers and dedicates much of his time to providing acute stroke care.
Marylou Mitchell, RN, MSN
Marissa Miller, D.O.
Dr. Miller inspires me because of her outstanding Patient care. She provides care for her Patients around the clock. We are a family practice office and she is usually scheduled to see around 20-25 Patients each day. If someone calls or comes into the office that needs to be seen she will always say yes and we usually end up double or triple booking her schedule just so she can provide that Patient with the care that they need, bringing her Patient count to 30-32 for that day. She always puts her Patient's needs before her own.
Shannon Neller, RMA
SMG Potterville
Jill Stephenson-McCole, M.D.
She is a wonderful Physician to work for. W are very lucky to have her at SMG Holt.
Monek Wourman
SMG Holt
All the Physicians in Endoscopy
What a true pleasure to work with all the gastroenterologists, pulmonologists and anesthesiologists in Endoscopy. There is such teamwork and mutual respect between the doctors and endoscopy staff. We are so lucky to have all of you working with us. Thank you.
Kate Schelhaas, RN
Kenneth Morrison, M.D.
He is an outstanding surgeon. He also demonstrates some of the best bedside manner I have ever witnessed. Also, he treats all he encounters respectfully. I have been lucky enough to work with him and also be on the recieving end as his Patient.
Kim Attard, RN St. Lawrence OPS
Beenu Kaw, M.D.
Dr. Kaw is so caring and kind. She takes extra time to listen to her Patients, staff and coworkers and helps everyone through any issues. She is great at what she does.
M. Sara Vander Jagt
SMG Nephrology Coolidge
Glen Ackerman, M.D.
Dr. Ackerman takes the time to hear his Patients concerns. He and his Nurse Diane work with each Patient to discuss options available and work with each individual for best outcomes. Thank you for listening and helping your Patients get well.
Helen Misener
Patient Financial Services/Revenue Cycle
Shweta Mundra, M.D.
Dr. Mundra is a holistic Physician. She looks at many possible causes of a Patient's illness. She offers that Patient choices in their treatment. She respects each member of our team as a valuable member of the interdiscplinary team. Dr. Mundra is kind to both the Patients and her staff. Dr. Mundra, thank you for everything you have taught me. I am truly INSPIRED!
Mary Perkins, BSN, RN-BC
Partial Hospitalization Program
Vishal Saini, M.D.
Dr. Saini is always very polite to other Caregivers and doesn't seem to be bothered even when being called at 11 p.m. He takes excellent care of Patients. Thank you Dr. Saini!
Angela Keehn
Sparrow Ionia Hospital Patient Access
Ronald Hyde, D.O.
Dr. Hyde is a very skilled surgeon and takes wonderful care of Patients. He also treats Caregivers with respect. Thanks for all you do Dr. Hyde!
Angela Keehn
Sparrow Ionia Hospital Patient Access
Gregory Zivic, M.D.
Patients appreciate Dr. Zivic's friendly nature and explanation of care. He is an excellent doctor and takes excellent care of Patients!
Angela Keehn
Sparrow Ionia Hospital Patient Access
Joshua Vance, D.O.
Thank you Dr. Vance for all you do! Dr. Vance does a wonderful job in improving Patient satisfaction and takes excellent care of all Patients who come into our emergency room.
Angela Keehn Sparrow Ionia Hospital Patient Access
Sena St. John, D.O.
Dr. St. John is amazing! She spends quality time with her Patients, involves them in their care and answers all of their questions at each visit. Thank you Dr. St. John for all you do!
Angela Keehn Sparrow Ionia Hospital Patient Access
Bhagya Venkatesh, M.D.
Dr. Venkatesh is amazing! She genuinely cares about each and every one of her Patients and it is obvious in the way she treats them. You could not ask for a better Physician!
Angela Keehn Sparrow Ionia Hosptial Patient Access
Multidisciplinary breast team 
I want to thank and acknowledge all of the Physicians on the multidisciplinary breast team. They are an incredible team that works hard to improve the treatment and care for our breast cancer Patients. They are always availabe for my questions and to give guidance on taking care of our Patients. They dedicate themselves every Thursday to our multidisciplinary breast clinic and they meet as as a team to take care of our newly diagnosed breast Patients. They do an amazing job at giving our Patients hope and individual care in their cancer journey. I am very thankful to be a part of the team and treated as such.
Sharon Cosgrove
Cancer Center/Women's Imaging
Paul Minnick, D.O. 
This giant, gentleman of a Physician has been one of the most passionate, sensitive, intuitive, and caring professionals I have experienced in my life. His calm and assuring demeanor and relaxed bedside manner have helped to engage and gain the respect of his Patients. His "above and beyond" attitude while contributing to not only his practice, but to his community are to be commended. Dr. Minnick is a leading Physician in the arena of medicine for CARING for his Patients. He inspires me to be my best, works with me, encourages me, all the while listening, focusing on my, and noting my concerns. These are life skills of a truly CARING Physician.
Amber Lee SMG Billing
Shannon Mobley, D.O.
Dr. Mobley has shown me time and time again how devoted he is to his Patients. He knows me and my health issues so well that even if I have to call the after hours number, he communicates with me like he has my chart right in front of him. I was in a lot of pain a few months ago and when I left his office we weren't sure just what I could do to be more comfortable. (I'm a very challenging Patient) Later that evening I received a call from Dr. Mobley and he was very proactive about getting me what I needed for pain. When he has something to communicate to me, he makes sure I get the message. He is also very good at finding out answers to my questions. He goes above and beyond to get the information we need to treat my many medical challenges. He has a wonderful group of people working with him in his office. They are all very personable and make me feel important when I arrive for an appointment.
Julie White
PFS Medical Billing
Paula Therrien, M.D.
Dr. Therrien always takes time to really listen to her Patients. She inspires me with her life change and makes me want to do better.
Paula Howard PHP Sales
Andrew Saxe, M.D.
Dr. Saxe is a kind, compassionate person. He is always trying to make his Patients feel at ease. He is willing to jump right in and help when a dressing needs doing. When you need a second pair of hands he will be at your side without even being asked.
Tracy Rosan-Miller
Wound Services
Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D.
Dr. Kent is the perfect role model for our Physicians and she accomplishes her work with professional grace . She helps bring the doctors to the bedside and the bedside to the doctors.
Susan Wisser
Patient Experience
John Laurain, M.D.
Dr. Laurain provides considerate, kind and compassionate to care to the Patient, family and the staff.
Keum-Lee Mayes
Special Services LTACH
Paul Entler, D.O.
Dr. Entler looks at the whole picture of the hospital as a medical director. He povides not just medical care, but personal concerns to staff and family.
Keum-Lee Mayes
Special Services LTACH
Shyam Bhupalam, M.D.
Flexible with treatment plan and schedule to meet Patient's need. Prividing the best care to our renal population.
Keum-Lee Mayes
Special Services LTACH
David Hagan, M.D.
Extrmely accommodating to Patients and staff. Dr. Hagan always answer his page and sees Patients whenver possible providing the best care. Takes time explaining procedures to Patient, family and staff.
Keum-Lee Mayes
Special Services LTACH
Colleen Barry, M.D.
Dr. Barry is an amazing pediatrician. She always finds ways to encourange and support mothers and newborns. She has been an integral part of initiating the new outpatient breastfeeding clinic that will serve as a much needed resource to our families.
Anita Hamilton
Ted Glynn, M.D.
Dr. Glynn is a great mentor and educator. He has the ability to motivate others to do their best and to build them up. He inspires me to want to share whatever knowledge I might have with others and to try to be a positive influence. Thanks Dr. Glynn, you're the best.
Judy B. Research
Tom Keaveney, M.D., Racquel Brockington, D.O., Lynn Laitinen-Kloss, M.D. Helene Jones, M.D., and James Clarkson, M.D.
The Occupational Health Physicians work hard every day to provide excellent Patient care, along with meeting the needs of over 600 local employers. Serving two "customers" is not easy but our Physicians do this on a daily basis. They have met the need of a significant increase in business over the last two years. Thanks so much for being the best in the area!
Sue Stock Occupational Health
Amy Jentz, M.D. and Ron Hyde, D.O.
Our general Surgeons are great to work with! Patients love them and staff love them. They are a key ingredient to our success in Ionia.
Kim Fewins, CRNA
James Richard, D.O.
Dr. Richard is a tireless leader in the quest for the highest quality Patient care possible. He pushes us to think beyond the daily work load and helps us realize that everything we do in the world of Pathology affects not only the individual Patient and their treating Physicians, but also their friends, family members and the community as well. Dr. Richard is always willing to roll up his sleeves and dig into the trenches with us, working side-by-side and helping guide us in every aspect of our job as Caregivers. When we have questions he provides answers with logic and common sense. He leads by example with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. He understands the importance of quality care with the same sense of urgency the Patient waiting for their result has. His positive influence makes a difference! Three cheers to Dr. Richard for being an inspirational leader!
Cyndi Waeiss
Pathology Physicians
Christopher Beal, D.O.
He is working very hard to make Epic safer for our Patients!
Julie Schrantz
Sparrow Clinton Hospital Pharmacy
B. Rajesh, M.D.
Dr. Rajesh is very kind and we appreciate his efforts to care for Patients in our community.
Julie Schrantz
Sparrow Clinton Hospital Pharmacy
Donald Porter, M.D.
Dr. Porter has been dedicated to our community for a very long time and we appreciate him!
Julie Schrantz
Sparrow Clinton Hospital Pharmacy
Kay McLaughlin, D.O.
Dr. McLaughlin is in the hospital as long as it takes to care for her Patients. This can make for very long days when she is hospitalist after caring for her office Patients. We appreciate her dedicaition to our community.
Julie Schrantz
Sparrow Clinton Hospital Pharmacy
Gregory Holzhei, D.O.
Dr. Hozlhei is very congenial. We appreciate his involvement in the Mint City Run!
Julie Schrantz
Sparrow Clinton Hospital Pharmacy
Bryan Kovas, M.D.
Dr. Kovas is easy to get a hold of and communicate with. He has a pleasant demeanor which makes interactions helpful!
Julie Shcrantz
Sparrow Clinton Hospital Pharmacy
Amy Odom, D.O.
Dr. Odom is a very positive presence and a strong leader in our office. She has a wonderful talent, skill and nature in which she is able to bring people together. I think in almost every interaction I have with her I learn something new about people and about ways to move more positively through the world. She inspires me to be empathetically genuine, to keep learning and to be a leader.
Liz Foster
Mason Family Health Center - Residency
Stephen Guertin, M.D.
His rounds are clear and orderly. Parents are included as an important role with morning rounds which empowers families. They are given options and can choose when circumstances are possible. Dr. Guertin is also a stong voice for unit improvements and has recently included UBC in monthly critical care meetings. Being aware of UBC needs and Pediatric Critical Care needs is improving over all team work between Nurses and Physicians.
Kellye Youngs
John Siano, M.D.
He is a doctor who has good knowledge and takes good care of his Patients. He also has a great sense of humor.
Rick Smith
10 West
Heather Laird-Fick, M.D.
She is very caring. She came and saw a Patient of hers admitted to another service. She came to comfort him as he was being tranfered to a nursing home and he was scared. That is compassion in action in my book.
Rick Smith 10 West
Rajasekhar Jupalli, M.D.
I started working with Dr. Jupalli 25 years ago and always notice his commitment and dedication to his Patients. He is easy to talk to, always showing compassion and caring to Patients and staff. He has been a big asset and a pillar to GPU.
Lucila Annis
Dominic Barberio, D.O.
Dr. Barberio has always shown the utmost care for all of his Patients and he goes the extra mile. He also listens to and considers the input of the whole team from RNs to Techs.
Wendy Scott
Behaviorial Health
Kenneth Morrison, M.D.
Dr. Morrison truly cares about Patients. He cares what they think. He cares about their health and he is so very kind while providing excellent care. Dr. Morrison is a doctor's doctor. He role models excellence every minute of every day. I am honored to know him.
Pam Leiby
Sparrow Medical Group
Shyam Bhupalam, M.D.
Dr. Bhupalam is not only the most intelligent person I have had the privilege of knowing, but he is an excellent Physician who shows great compassion. He has integrity and truly cares about his Patients. It is an honor to work with Dr. Bhupalam.
Pam Leiby Sparrow Medical Group
Lisa Kimball, D.O.
Dr. Kimball inspires me with her great compassion for Patients. She truly cares about others and goes over and above to ensure all Patients get the very best care every day. Her heart overflows with kindness and caring. It is my privilege to work with her.
Pam Leiby Sparrow Medical Group 
Martin Schoenmaker, M.D.
Dr. Schoenmaker inspires me with his knowledge and compassion. Dr. Schoenmaker truly cares about people. He has excellent skills, abilities and talents. Couple that with his caring about Patients and all can see Dr. Schoenmaker is a fantastic Physician. It is an honor to work with him.
Pam Leiby Sparrow Medical Group
Kristin Gaumer, D.O.
Dr. Gaumer looks at the larger picture, at the Patient's support system and their potential as well as demonstrated capabilities. She is very knowledgeable and attuned to her Patients. She is a joy to work with, has a wonderful sense of humor and practices what she preaches.
Mary Farley
Home Hospice
Heidi Johnson, D.O.
Dr. Johnson understands the stressors on Patients and their families and draws on a deep well of compassion. She is very knowledgeable, resourceful and has a great sense of humor. At times it might seem like herding cats, but she is able to run an IDT meeting efficiently. We are lucky to have her on staff.
Mary Farley Home Hospice
Aditi Sharangpani, M.D.
There are many, many reasons, but the one that stands out for me is her end of life care for families. She is patient and calm when explaining horrific details to a family losing their child. She is honest with them yet gentle and that carries on to the PICU staff.
Kellye PICU
Kathryn Wisser, D.O.
A personal favorite. Caring and competent.
Susan Wisser Patient Experience
John Baker, M.D.
He shows respect to Nurses. He explains things and teaches what he knows to us. He is a big supporter of us as professionals. Dr. Baker is always a pleasure to work with. I feel like an important part of a team when I get the opportunity to work with Dr. Baker. A big thank you goes out to you, Dr. Baker. 
Linda Searles