David Batterson | Fitness industry since 2015B.A. Exercise Science, Olivet College, CPT American College of Sports MedicineDavid began his career in fitness at a young age and coaches high intensity interval training, rehabilitation work, body work, and sports performance. David strives to help others by being compassionate through his work, and will push clients to reach and achieve the goals set. David has worked with hundreds of people of all ages, and with clients who have fitness levels ranging from non-existent to elite levels. He strives for the best in every scenario and makes active efforts to better himself every day.

Fishing, drawing, studying further into human kinetics, boxing, and hunting.
Interesting fact: 
I come from a family of Wood Workers.
Favorite type of music: 
When I'm not working you will me: 
Either at my cottage, on a lake, on a river, or out in the woods.
Worst habit: 
Not calling my family enough.

Natalie Greener | Fitness industry since 2015B.S. Michigan State University, Kinesiology, CPTNatalie is a personal trainer who loves working with others and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her focus is on strength training for women and beginners who are looking to be strong and healthy. Natalie is an avid weightlifter and obstacle course racing (OCR) competitor, who has participated in numerous races across the country.

Hobbies: Traveling, spending time outdoors, competing in obstacle course races, and spending time with family. 
Interesting fact: 
I've qualified for Spartan Race North American and Obstacle Course Racing Work Championships two year in a row.
Favorite type of music: 
When I'm not working you will me: 
With my dog, Oliver, either snuggling up on the couch watching a movie/reading or outside for a walk/playing at the park. 
Worst habit: 
I have a hard time relaxing; I feel like I always need to be doing something or staying busy. 

Tom Hilker | Fitness industry since 2007B.S. Kinesiology, Michigan State University, CPT American Council on Exercise, XPE® Master Trainer Tom is passionate about motivating each individual to improve overall quality of life through education in nutrition, goal setting and exercise. With a background in competitive soccer and running, he works with athletes and non-athletes of all ages and fitness levels while focusing on sports-specific training, running, hiking and golfing. Hobbies: Just about anything that gets me outside.
Interesting Fact: I run out of gas on my motorcycle more than I'd like to admit.
Favorite Music: Classical
When I’m not working you will find me: With my wife and kid.
Worst Habit: I've been counting reps for enough years I have trouble NOT counting repetitious sounds/movements. When I go for a run I get to about 20 before I have to force myself to stop counting my footsteps.

Beth Homan | Fitness industry since 1999B.S. Physical Education & Exercise Science, Michigan State University, CPT, American Council on ExerciseBeth is a former professional and All-American triathlete, Olympic distance national champion and four-time competitor in the Hawaii IronMan World Championship. Beth enjoys working with individuals who strive to optimize good health through exercise and good nutritional habits. She has a passion for training multi-sport athletes for competitions and developing balance, strength and flexibility programs to help athletes avoid overuse injuries.

Hobbies: Spending time with family, running, cycling, swimming outdoors and watching good sporting events, especially basketball.
Interesting Fact: All three girls in our family (2 daughters and myself) have won a state championship in three entirely different sports.
Favorite type of music: Pop
When I'm not working you will find me: Working out
Worst Habit: Multi-tasking

Justin Johnson | Fitness industry since 2012B.A. Exercise Science, Olivet College, CPT American College of Sports MedicineJustin is a true student of exercise science. His main focus as a personal trainer is to provide pain-free, functional training using all of the latest knowledge in the field. 

His specialty is ensuring his trainees exercise proper body mechanics, allowing you to get the most out of every exercise without risking injury. He first fell in love with fitness when he personally experienced its physical and mental benefits. His background in exercise science, as well as being a former college wrestler, allows him to work with a wide variety of clients. Justin is passionate about working with clients that are new to fitness and motivated individuals ready to make a change.

Hobbies: Lifting weights, hunting, hiking, eating, and sleeping.
Interesting Fact: I never miss a Joe Rogan Experience podcast.
Favorite type of music: I love everything. My playlists are all over the place.
When I'm not working you will find me: Teaching my son new wrestling moves, cooking, probably sleeping.
Worst Habit: Netflix

Tracy Moreno | Fitness industry since 1986B.A. Exercise Physiology, University of Southern California, M.S. California State University, NCSA Personal trainer Tracy has been actively involved in the fitness industry as a college instructor, coach, gym owner, and a personal trainer. As a veteran competitor of several marathons, including New York and Boston, she is enthusiastic about running, but finds time to enjoy weight training, swimming, cycling and fishing.

Hobbies: Running, cycling, fishing, gardening. 
Interesting Fact: I was the overall Women's Finisher in the Steamboat Springs Marathon in 1995 (Time: 3:05) and a 2:58 finisher at the Portland Marathon in 1996.
Favorite type of music: Classic alternative rock, classic rock, classic R&B, soothing spa-like music, and classical.
When I’m not working you will find me: I am my kids' biggest fan. You will find me "encouraging" them on the side lines during every game.
Worst Habit: Obsessive compulsive about neatness both with the inside and the outside of my house.

Keri Morrison | Fitness industry since 1995M.S. Kinesiology, Michigan State University, CPT National Academy of Sports Medicine, Internship Coordinator, MSU & LCC Adjunct Faculty MemberKeri has a passion for working with the 50+, post-rehabilitation, weight management and post-pregnancy populations. Keri specializes in proper posture, muscle imbalance, chronic pain and injuries through a combination of flexibility, trigger point therapy and weight training. Keri is an active mother who enjoys basketball, swimming, yoga and mountain biking in her free time.

Hobbies: Cooking, tennis, basketball, biking, skiing, & boating.
Interesting Fact: My college basketball team placed 2nd in the NJCAA Division II National Tournament & my team was recently inducted into the Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame.
Favorite type of music: Anything but country.
When I’m not working you will find me: Cooking
Worst Habit: Coffee

Lauren Shuff| Fitness industry since 2016B.A. Exercise Science, Michigan State University, CPT American College of Sports MedicineLauren discovered her passion for health and fitness during her 12 years as a competitive figure skater. Being dedicated to a physically and mentally demanding sport has given her the drive and motivation needed to further her career in the fitness industry, allowing her the ability to share her passion with others. She has worked with a wide variety of individuals ranging from elderly patients to student athletes. She looks forward to offering her services and knowledge to help you reach your fitness goals.

Hobbies: Working out, spending time with family.
Interesting Fact: I’m a 2x USFSA Senior Gold Medalist.
Favorite type of music: pop/alternative.
When I'm not working you will find me: Still at the gym working out.
Worst Habit: Spending too much time on my phone.

Deb Popp | Fitness industry since 1979ACE Personal Trainer & American Fitness Professionals Association, Mat Science (Pilates) degree from the Aerobics & Fitness Association of AmericaDeb’s experience ranges from competitive gymnastics to body building. Her personal training background uses those talents and allows her to work with women and men to meet their goals using a variety of techniques. She also applies her personal training skills to her group classes, which include yoga, workout with weights, self-defense for women and others.

Dancing, cooking and travel.
Interesting Fact: I was once part of a halftime performance at a Lions football game for a fundraiser and won a trip to Mackinac Island.
Favorite type of music: Almost anything.
When not working you will find me: With friends and family. 
Worst Habit: I take too long getting ready to go anywhere.

Kelli Richardson | Fitness industry since 2000 CPT & CSN, American Council on Exercise Kelli has a passion for fitness and training and has earned Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist certifications. Kelli has lots of experience, including freelance health writer, journalist for Examiner, fitness and health blogger, a fitness and promotional model, diet clerk at Sparrow Hospital, radio personality on Harwell Fit Talk Radio, Figure Bodybuilder Competitor.

Kelli has three children and transformed her body each time with nutrition and fitness, continually guiding both men and women to do the same. She specializes in eating disorders, post-pregnancy, sports performance, and food intolerances.

Hobbies: Research, lifting, biking, playing cards/games, playing with my children.
Interesting Fact: High School Fun Facts: I was in a champion traveling puppeteer team, did volunteer clown work , and played clarinet for four years.
Favorite type of music: Anything that has solid lyrics with meaning and purpose. 
When not working you will find me: With my children or in the gym.
Worst Habit: I fall asleep while sitting up if I sit still for too long.