Our learn to swim program is based on American Red Cross guidelines. On the first day of class we will place participants with instructors based on specific abilities. We have developed our program to emphasize safety, parent involvement, and the smallest instructor-to-student ratios in the Mid-Michigan region. At the end of the last week of class, students will receive a report card showing their progression.

Cost: $44/members; $70/guests, platinum pricing is 5% off

Water Acclimation: Parent Tot

For parents and toddlers from the age of 3 months to 2 years of age. Are you ready to introduce your little one to the water and help them explore in a safe and fun environment? Join our instructors in the warm pool, where they will teach you both how to reduce fears and tears by engaging in songs, games, and special techniques to build confidence at a young age. 1:5 ratio, class is 30 minutes

Water Acclimation: Super Tot

This class is for toddlers between the age of 2 years and 3 years. This class build confidence as well as the ability to respond to new challenges while focusing on comfort in the water, breath control, water play, safety reminders, and independence. 1:3 ratio, class is 30 minutes

Swimming Fundamental Classes

The following classes will teach children new skills ranging from water safety, swimming basics, and the four core swimming strokes. As your child accomplishes their goals they will progress through learn to swim levels 1-5 specially designed for their age.
Ages 3 - 5: (1:3 ratio, class is 30 minutes)
Ages 5 - 7: (1:4 ratio, class is 40 minutes)
Ages 7 - 9: (1:4 ratio, class is 40 minutes)
Ages 9 - 12: (1:4 ratio, class is 40 minutes)

MAC Pre Season Swim Conditioning

This class is for youth and adults 13 + who have completed level 5 learn to swim program or who already have knowledge of the four strokes. You will focus on endurance, strength training, and swim team prep while we provide an opportunity to improve your swimming skills and achieve success. 1:6 ratio, class is 40 minutes

Adult Swimming Fundamentals 13+

This class is for adults 13+ who prefer small groups and personalized attention focused on the areas you need the most. Swimming is a great form of exercise with heart healthy benefits, reduces stress, has no damaging impact on joints, and builds self-esteem. Groups are formed by your abilities and comfort levels then placed with an instructor that best fits your goals. 1:6 ratio, class is 40 minutes