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A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care is a document that a person 18 years or older can use to appoint a trusted friend or relative to speak on their behalf if they lose their communication or decision-making abilities.It is desirable for every adult to make this designation official by completing the Designation of Patient Advocate Form. The appointed friend or relative may make medical choices only when the patient is unable to express medical wishes or make personal medical choices. The choices made by the trusted friend or relative should reflect the patient’s wishes.

When completed, multiple copies of the signed and witnessed form should be made. The person and designee should each have a copy. Additional copies may be distributed to other family members or friends. When entering any health care facility, or having a medical procedure done, a copy should be presented for inclusion in your record. Generally, each admission requires that a new copy be presented. This assures that the record reflects the most current information since an individual may amend this form at any time.

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