Updated information on COVID-19 and Flu: Restricted visitation is now in effect

The Sparrow Ionia Cafe' is located in the first floor/lower level of the hospital and operates from 7 a.m.- 6 p.m. daily. Most credit cards are accepted in the Cafe'.

There are vending machines available outside the Emergency Department for beverages and snacks.
There is also a beverage machine by the Sparrow Ionia Cafe'.

Sparrow Ionia Hospital Food and Nutrition Services provides personalized nutrition care by a Registered Dietitian.
We can help you manage your:
*   weight
*   cholesterol
*   blood sugar
*   food allergies
*   blood pressure
*   food choices when eating out
*   irritable bowel symptoms
*   gastro paresis
*   food choices during pregnancy

Providing high quality nutritional care for adults and children including:
*   diabetes and other endocrine disorders
*   cardiovascular disease
*   kidney disease
*   oncology
*   gastrointestinal disorders
*   enteral nutrition therapy

Personalized nutrition consultation can be arranged by calling Sparrow Ionia Hospital at 616.523.1449