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Sparrow Outpatient Pharmacy
Sparrow Hospital, First Floor
1215 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI, 48912
Phone: 1.517.364.2405
Fax: 1.517.364.3842
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Sparrow Pharmacy Plus 
Sparrow Health Center
2909 E. Grand River Ave.
Lansing, MI, 48912
Phone: 1.517.364.8640
Fax: 1.517.364.8641
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Sparrow Pharmacy Plus
Sparrow Professional Building
1200 E. Michigan Ave., Suite 310
Lansing, MI, 48912
Phone: 1.517.364.5380
Fax: 1.517.364.5387
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Sparrow Pharmacy Plus
1015 Charlevoix Drive
Grand Ledge, MI, 48837
Phone: 1.517.627.1670
Fax: 1.517.627.0068
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Sparrow Pharmacy Plus
129 S. Putnam
Williamston, MI, 48895
Phone: 1.517.655.2420
Fax: 1.517.655.6732
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Carson City Apothecary Shoppe
245 S. Second St.
Carson City, MI, 48811
Located on the west side of Carson City Hospital in Carson City
Phone: 1.989.584.3272
Fax: 1.989.584.0541
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Sparrow Clinton Pharmacy
Medical Office Building
901 S. Oakland St.
St. Johns, MI, 48879
Phone: 1.989.224.8155
Fax: 1.989.227.3343
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